Chocolate Bundt Cake with Chocolate Sauce

Happy 1st Birthday to Please Pass the Ketchup!!!!!!!

This cake was made yesterday in celebration. It occurred to me, while I was baking it, that I have made a lot of rich, chocolatey stuff lately. Yay! You can probably tell, but I like chocolate. I loooooove chocolate. If I could I would probably not marry it but I would be BFFs with chocolate.

The perfect accompaniment was the chocolate sauce. This cake is very rich, and full out icing would have been wayyyy too overwhelming. A bit of sauce adds just a bit of an extra kick to it, and makes it completely irresistible.

So the recipe for the sauce comes from Mr. David Lebovitz himself, the king of chocolate. Well maybe the king is a bit of an exaggeration but he has a chocolate book. So make sure you check out the links I have posted here because his recipes are fantastic.


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