Cool Finds Friday

It’s been a busy busy week. I meant to post another recipe today but SOMEBODY decided to plan a last minute get together at our house for today. So now we have 6-8 people from SOMEBODY’s work coming over tonight for pizza and drinks. I wouldn’t have minded if he had told me more in advance as then I could have planned and made some yummy appies. Still thinking of what I could possibly make tonight in the span of um….. half an hour. Probably baked brie but that requires a trip to the grocery store. Might whip up some easy fudge. At any rate, that meant that last night was spent cleaning instead of editing photos and writing up a post. You can all blame my husband for that. Instead you get a Cool Finds Friday post, which is a lot quicker to produce.

This week has also been interesting because I’ve been trying to make more social connections through well social media. I hope to make some good foodie friends soon!

In other news, Monday will be the start of my first blog contest ever!!!! So excited for this! I think you guys will like this one. This one is available for Canadians only as it’s a Canadian thing. Yes I know it’s kind of backwards to most blog giveaways. Sorry international friends, but I hope to have more giveaways for you in the future.

Oh I’m sorry, did you come to this post expecting some cool finds instead of my ramblings? Well then here you go!


Cheddar-Jalapeno Cornbread

So when Mr. Ketchup and I were on our way out to our new home, we had this amazing jalapeno-cheddar cornbread and since then I’ve wanted to recreate it but have been lazy as you kind of need something hearty to go with it. Like chili or something. Anyways, I think that these would probably be pretty close to what I had.


I’ve also totally become obsessed with the idea of hot chocolate truffle balls. Just plop them into some hot milk and you’ve got fantastic hot chocolate. Such an AMAZING idea!


Since I love pasts so much, I’m always looking for different but easy-ish takes on recipes. This recipe looks like something you’d find at a restaurant for sure!



Speaking of different takes on stuff, check out that pie! And those little Christmas tree decorations! So adorable!


These cheese truffles from How Sweet It Is also look like the perfect Christmas appetizers that I COULD have made had SOMEONE not told me the last second about hosting a get-together. That boy really can’t plan!

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