Steel Cut Oats

So a while ago I posted on my private Facebook about how much I loved steel cut oats. Some people asked me how that’s even possible….they aren’t that good! Well I totally disagree. They do take some getting used to. Steel cut oats are chewier than regular rolled oats and have a very different texture to them. The first time I made them in the slowcooker I thought I had screwed it up and threw it out! Not to worry guys…..if your steel cut oats taste chewy, they are made right!

So then why steel cut oats over regular rolled oats? Why are they better? Well the two have similar nutritional values although rolled oats are more processed. Instant oats on the other hand can have added, undesirable ingredients. Bottom line is that both steel cut oats and rolled oats are very beneficial to your diet. They both have a lot of healthy fibre that will keep you feeling hungry longer and will help get things moving down there. They are also beneficial to lowering your cholesterol.

Another complaint about oats in general is that they take too long to cook. Not to worry, the recipe I am about to show you can be made ahead of time, divided up and reheated in the morning. You will just need to at minimum add a bit of milk and then reheat for 1-2 minutes in the microwave. Done.

But aren’t steel cut oats rather bland? How can they actually taste that delicious? It’s all about how you prepare them really. When I make my oats I add milk, vanilla and cinnamon for added flavour. Below are some examples of what I add when I eat it in the morning. My favourite is 0% Vanilla Greek Yogurt and a banana but I have also added ground chia or flax seeds, unsweetened apple sauce, apple, fresh or frozen berries and nut butters. Add whatever you want!

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