Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

I’m doing something a little different with this recipe. All of these photos come from my Instagram app on my iPhone. Instagram is a photo editing app that allows you to manipulate a photo either before or after taking it. You can use it to apply filters to give your photos an artsy feel to them. Personally my favourite photo out of the bunch is the one above. Doesn’t that just look cool? Also the shadows from the blinds in our kitchen just make it perfect. One of my personal struggles with blogging are the photos. I tried using my husband’s fancy Canon and failed. I look at other bloggers’ posts and they look stunning. I then have to remind myself that I’m a newbie at this. Other bloggers admit to starting out taking pictures with point and shoot cameras or their iPhones. It’s ok! I’ll get there one day.

In the end what matters most is that I bring you guys delicious recipes, right? Well trust me, these ones are good. Mr. Ketchup said “These are the most delicious ‘healthy things’ that I have ever tasted!”. So that’s good right?

I had meant to bake these on the weekend and use them as snacks for lunches the rest of the week. Yes I make both of our lunches….if I don’t Mr. Ketchup would buy his and that would not only cost more but it would be less healthy for him. Yes, he is pretty lucky. What was I saying again? Oh yes, the majority of these were gone the first day. These only made it to lunches on the Monday, and Mr. Ketchup got the last one on Tuesday. Oh and no I didn’t take a bite of that wrapper too before I snapped the above pic. It tore when I tried to remove it. This recipe is kind of sticky so even if you use wrappers you need to spray them….trust me!

So what are your thoughts on my Instagram pics? I won’t be taking pics this way all the time as I need to learn how to use a regular camera but I think it creates a fun effect.

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