Things to Consider When Investing in Pagers for Restaurants

Investing in a new pager system for restaurants can impact your budget as much as it affects the dining experience you provide to your customers. Pagers for restaurants are commonly used by busy venues that typically have a long wait. It is an easy way for host staff to let diners know when their table is ready, and it prevents them from having to shout out names and potentially disturb other diners. There are two main types of restaurant paging options available. These are systems that use handheld paging devices as well as the new text-based messaging systems. As you compare the various systems available within these two main groups, consider these points to make a more educated buying decision.

Your Budget
Pagers for restaurants can cost a small fortune in some cases. For example, handheld paging devices may require you to purchase 30, 40 or more separate paging units. This is in addition to investing in the new paging software that the system uses. The more affordable alternative is to use a text-based pager system for restaurants. With this type of system, your customers receive a text on their own cell phones when their table is ready. However, this places some financial burden on the customer as their text messaging rates will apply. Despite this, few will complain about receiving a single text from your restaurant when waiting for their table.

The Customer Experience
Before you invest in restaurant paging systems, consider the customer experience. Both paging system types allow you to easily communicate with your customers when their table is ready. With a text-based system, you can customize the message you provide, and you can also send text updates periodically to further keep your guests informed. For example, you may send them a text when their wait time is estimated to be five minutes or less. However, some dislike text messages being sent to their phone because it means they have to constantly look at their phones to see if their table is ready.

The Range of the System
When looking for a long range system, or LRS, text-based messaging is preferred. Handheld devices are designed to work only within a specific perimeter around the host stand. This may prevent guests from venturing to nearby stores to shop when they have a long wait or from waiting in their cars. Text-based messaging allows them to freely roam at their leisure until their table is ready.

Your main priority when shopping for a pager system for restaurants may be to find an affordable, functional solution. However, your pager system will directly impact the dining experience at your establishment, and because of this, some thought should be given to which method is most convenient and desirable for patrons to use.

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