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This is going to be one of the easiest yet delicious appetizers you will ever make.

Hmm maybe Taco Chip Dip would be more accurate? I found this recipe in my church cook book and have tweaked it slightly over the years so it’s now become my own. This takes me about 10 minutes to whip up. THAT’S IT! Not to mention the fact that it’s super forgiving……no need to worry about being precise here. Feel free to make your own changes as well. Are you a cheese lover? Add more cheese! Can’t stand the heat? Use milder ingredients. Don’t be fooled by how simple this is guys… friends ask me to make it every year at our annual Christmas party. It’s that good.

Some ingredients that might be local to the area are used in the recipe so when I call for taco sauce and taco seasoning, they look like the picture below.

You can easily cut this recipe in half and fit it on a dinner plate.

Classic Guacamole

Happy belated Cinco de Mayo! Did you know that Cinco de Mayo is pretty much just an American invention? True story. That’s ok, it’s still a great excuse to eat tacos, guacamole and drink margaritas. I looooooooooove Mexican food. A lot. I’m on a mission to try to make more Mexican food from scratch. Oh and don’t be fooled by this first paragraph. I actually did not make this for Cinco de Mayo. I made it for my neighbors when they came over on Saturday.

Homemade guacamole is actually really simple. It’s also quite versatile. You can make it as hot or as mild as you want, ad more onion if you love it or more garlic. You can even start throwing in other stuff like bacon and beans and whatever you like! I decided to go with a more classic recipe for my first time so it would be a great starting point.

Not only can you throw all sorts of stuff in guacamole, you can also use it for all sorts of stuff. Sure it goes great on chips and crackers, but it’s also awesome on tacos, burritos, sandwiches, chicken. Mmm it’s so good! I wish I had some more right now!

Bacon and Sundried Tomato Dip



Wow I can’t believe that summer is practically over. The end of summer always makes me feel like I never fully appreciated and made use of the gorgeous sunny days. Like, why did I not sunbathe more? Why? Who cares about cleaning, that can be put off for another day. My sister is coming to visit next week and I am SO EXCITED! I’m really hoping the good weather holds out for her. And I don’t mean the drizzle that we are experiencing today, but the return to summer weather that they are predicting for the end of the week. Pleeeease give back the good weather, mother nature. Please?


Well, even if we have crappy weather, we can still have some bacon to cheer us up. Bacon makes everything better after all (By the way, I’m sorry vegetarian readers because I know you really don’t agree.)! I once made this dip as mini cheeseballs but to be honest, this recipe makes rather sloppy cheeseballs and I just wasn’t happy with it. And that’s how this dip was born. This dip has an in your face bacon flavour that is wonderfully evened out by the sundried tomatoes. Mmm, so good.


Sometimes when I make a recipe I can’t tell if it’s truly good or not because I made it and I’m always more critical of myself than other people. This happens more often than not and happened with this recipe. My taste testers reassured me that it was really delicious though and the dip tasted great the next day too!