Would you like to see me grow my blog, advance my writing techniques, learn new cooking and recipe writing skills, and partner up with companies so that I can give you free stuff?

I can do all of that by attending the International Food Blogger Conference in Seattle!

I need your help though! Conferences are expensive. Although IFBC has a reduced rate for people who are willing to blog about the conference, travel and hotel expenses still add up. You can help me out by donating using Paypal below. Your donation will be much appreciated and you can rest assured that the money will be a direct investment in this blog. It will help to make PPTK bigger and better.

If you are a brand and would like to sponsor me at the conference, or would like to do a sponsored post on my blog, please email me at julieatpleasepasstheketchupdotca.

For more information, please visit my post about IFBC.


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